4. 2D Design

This week I worked on defining my final project idea and started to getting used to the documentation process.


  • Vector vs pixle
  • 10 things to know for beginners (Adobe Illustrator)

Vector vs Pixle

Vector - resolution independent Pixle - photoshop

1. Profile

  • Print - colour seperated (flyer)
  • Web - web work (screen size)
  • Devices - application for your iPad or Android tablet or smartphone
  • Video and film - logo that you are going to animate in adobe after effects or put it in adobe premiere

2. Zoom

zoom+alt is to minimize

Windows: press & hold ctrl + Press 0 is to zoom to fit canvas to worspace Mac : press & hold cmd + Press 0 is to zoom to fit canvas to worspace

3. Manouvering

Move around composition area: Press & hold space bar + click & drag

4. Selection tool

Selection tool is to shift the object and rotate.

Direct selection tool - press shift to keep the object propotional while reshaping.

5. Dupliate

Hold down alt key with selection tool and drag.

6. Colour

7. Select Multiple Objects

Select by the selection tool hold shift to select multiple object

8. Aligning

window- align panel

9. Ruler

command +R

10. Export

File- export - jpeg, photoshop file,etc